Rope (hoppsius stringius), labeled The Limbless One, is a male contestant on Object Trek. He was placed on the Floppy Rabbits.


Rope is completely limbless, so he gets around by hopping, though he's not a big fan of doing so. He's also not a big fan of being used as a tightrope.

He does, however, try to help his team win as best he can, despite his lack of limbs.


In How It Began, Rope was the seventh contestant chosen by Pie to be in the Floppy Rabbits. During the contest, he and Pie rode inside Baskety to the finish line across the river, despite Baskety being on the other team.

Rope was the first Floppy Rabbit to cross the river, and as a result, received a Winning Ball. His team, however, was up for elimination.


  • Rope is the only limbless contestant.
    • However, he gained arms in GFTG 3c. It is unknown if he will keep them in Object Trek.
    • If he keeps his arms in Object Trek, he will still be the only legless contestant.

Floppy Rabbits

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